Panda and Friends will be a platformer-physics-puzzle-sandbox game for 1-3 players.

It is still under development.

You can:

- pick up items: "DOWN" arrow or "S" key

- drop items: "ENTER" or "P" key

- take the pick and break the brown bricks (just walk into them for long enough).

- extinguish the fire with the watering can (long press "S" or "DOWN" while holding it)

- the bird can throw a ball if you press key '5'.

- jump in the water or thow things into it.

When all players go to the house door the screen will switch to the next level. 

On the second level you have a puzzle to solve with creating crates. 

On level 3. you have to "rescue" the AI pandas by mining the blocks that keep them trapped. 

Level 4 is super bouncy and you can try to reach the platform on the top right.

Stay tuned for updates!

Development log