Note: in the browser version of WarMage after finishing tutorial you keep all creatures, gold, crystals and items. But the current map progress is not saved. In the desktop (download) version everything is saved and you can continue from where you left.

Summon your army, build and expand your kingdom then fight against orcs, bandits, lizardmen and draconians.

Be careful because each enemy has different skills and abilities and to win you have to know their weaknesses.

Your heroes are different too so their team composition is the key to victory.

In WarMage sometimes you may encounter enemies who will require a new approach. Having a single team is not enough, you will find many heroes useful in different ways.

Some units can be deployed behind the enemy, some can summon monsters in combat, and some will cast a spell that makes others faster.

The best equipment in WarMage can be gained through crafting.

Expanding your kindom is important because you can use the gained land to build farms. Wheat can be used to feed your troops and the excess can be sold. Many other types of vegetables can be grown to produce crafting materials.

The lower level heroes can be placed in the Training Halls to gain experience or can be placed in the mines to gain gold even when you are offline.

If you find a tough opponent you may build a Watchtower and attack it with ballistas from afar to weaken it before the attack.

Try the text adventure and send a single adventurer to the underground tunnels.

Collect XP and epic items from there while you are away from the computer.

In the dungeons the adventure will depend on your hero's abilities. For example if you see in the journal that the hero always fails at climbing walls you can replace him with someone with more Dexterity. If you see that he always gets killed in battle you may replace him with someone with better equipment and higher level.


  • Various heroes and creatures with unique skills
  • Quick auto combat battles where formation is the key to victory
  • Adventure mini-game where you can collect equipment and use it at the battles
  • Battle against an AI player who will build, fight, and equip artifacts just like you
  • Build walls and settlements to contain the spread of enemy area

  • Planned features

  • Hot-seat and online coop and pvp multiplayer game modes
  • Improved resource management
  • Note:

  • At the creation of WarMage I used assets from the open-source game Battle for Wesnoth legally and with permission.
  • WarMage is open-source and is released under GPLv2 license. If you need the source code contact me at
  • WarMage is already available on Android.
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    Download demo

    warmage_demo_v1.075_PC_32_bit.exe 130 MB

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